Tuesday 4 May 2010

It's timee to go back to study

Went mid-valley today with my college frens for a moviee, Iron Man 2. Sincee my degree coursee is officially starting tmr, i would takee thiss as a day to ease up myself beforee i meet n greet the brand new uni lifee C: Get to know new frens from Tyler, they're Anthony, Dorothy n Amanda. Nicee to meet uu guys C:

Umm, was feeling goood to start my uni lifee again after 2weeks of sem break, yet the matter thatt bother me is thatt i havee to shift to the north wing ucsi campus for all my degree classes :C *sigh*
Dun worry, i'll still visit my fav peeps every littlee whilee at the south wing campus whenever i'm free!
I'm gonna miss uu guyss sooooo muchh!* 

- pics of the day -
Ice-cream withh the flavor of chili choc chip. Yess!* They madee the ice cream withh chili as onee of the ingredient! It's strangee but special :) First timee trying thiss, not bad for the tastee C: I cant really tastee the pedas-ness at the first n second savor, yet I can feel it after i finished the wholee scoop. Overall not bad laa C:
vanessa bought thiss little cutee puppy toy at mid valley

photographing can always kill my boredom when i havee nothing to do in car 

ehh soo nicee today, no jam on our way back!! *widee smilee*

a likable chickiee thatt i bought today C: I thought it was a duckiee until tyler n vann told me it's actually a chicky :P


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