Wednesday 7 April 2010

Huu, finally!! 4th & 5th day of Thailand Trip

Ookayy, finally the last post bout thailand trip :)

*Fourth Day*  Onee of the Pattaya's beach
I likee the beach indeed n i think there's the best placee tat i've visited during my thai trip. Perhaps second best if i did go to thosee shopping malls *Hahaa* 

eldest sis, kean

aunt lilian

yc n anut lilian

suyin, yc, aunt lilian n uncle fred

most of us feeling so uncomfortablee when taking boat to the beach :/

uncle lau n his grandson
he doesnt look likee a grandpa tho

tis is awesomee n fun, must try!! 

walked around n took somee pics ":)

sweeet corn *yum yum*


yee ching n chuan

chuan n suyin

The best meal in tis trip :D

went floating market after a short rest 

Wuu, they havee 'Topshop' at floating market *Hahaa*

zing woei

kean n chuan

*star star*

busy choosing somee souvenirs to bring back

another placee tat we visited on the samee day but i forgot the namee

daddy n mommy <3

mum n sis

*Fifth Day* Bees' Farm & Thailand International Airport

a swarm of bees sticking on his cloth >_<
he's the so called king of the bees (wat ppl theree called him)

dad n loong

mum n dad

chuan n kean
me n vann not daree to get closee to him :b 

It's timee to go back!!
Next timee i comee again for shopping kayy ":)

vanessa :)

chuan n kean :)

me n loong :)

Ohh yeaa, me n vann are not going to visit my eldest sis at Australia alr in tis sem break :/

Sorryy darling sis!! 


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