Friday 26 March 2010

Thailand Trip Day 3 @ Pattaya

Yess!! Final draft of final exam timee tablee was ultimately posted up, vann n me can finish our final on 15th. Tat means, we can go Australia!! :D Most probably we'll visit our eldest sis at Adelaide during our coming sem break, but it's not ascertained yet. We greatly hopee tat we can!! :)

Here're the pics for Day 3 at Pattaya :)

Tiger Zoo
cousin, yi ching
yi ching n suyin :)
can uu spot the little small spider?? :D
chuan, vanessa, uncle fred
yc, kean, vann
yc, kean n me
here're my siblings <3
loong, hoon, kean, hong, chuan
uncle fred n family <3

N tis is my family!! *loads of lovee*
mum n eldest sis, kean
I saw crocodile's classroom :D
Tis crocodile's required standing as punishment due to his laziness *Hahaa*
yee loong
the lecturer :D
studentss :D

crocodile eggs
kean n yc
Ahh, cutee!!
vann, suyin, me, yc
suyin, yc, kean n vann
chuan, yc n kean
chuan n yc seem likee wanna to fight :) N kean seems didnt mean to help n only interested in eating yc's ice-cream *Hahaa*
 new fren, jia hui :)
 group pics :D
beach occupied majority region of Pattaya
 looked likee groundnut :)
kean n yc
zing woei, new fren too :)

uncle fred n dear daddy <3
ladies <3
dad n chuan
Uncle Lau

Tat's all for tonight :D
*Good Night*


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