Thursday 25 June 2009

College Life @ UCSI

*YIPPI* :) Finally i had finished majority of my mid-term examinations. Ahahaha. Now, i hav merely left malaysian studies's mid-term n assignment to worry about. Argh, really loathe tis subject sooooo much *sulky*

Okok, let's see some pic tat i captured wit my collegemates. All of them had helped me out a lot, i'm indeed grateful to them, whole-heartedly :)
Since kai wen n Alfred are scholarship students, so they need to be helping hands of student council for 65 hours, in a semester. Once they hav a gap among classes, they'll help out in student council. Usually Quin n I will be together wit them to giv a helping hand. Erm, to say in proper way, sometimes we do hav fun there, as we can surf internet whenever there's no stuff to do :)
After a long period of getting along with kai wen, we seemed like cant live apart. HAHA. We're always like together now. *winks* :)

Quin n Kai Wen in student council
Alfred, the tall one
pinky turtle, actually it belongs to a staff in student council. HAHA. We took it for photoshooting without his permission :p *shh*

HAHA. wat a loss facial expression :)
intoxicated in playing wit pinky turtle. HOHO :)
First, it followed Kai Wen
Then, it changed target. Ahahaha.
sis, vanessa n me
kai wen, valerie n vanessa
Alfred n Vanessa

* Good Night *

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