Tuesday 16 June 2009


Arghh, busy busy busy....
I hav turned into a busy-bee since i had begun studying at college, until i hav no time to blog for like ages. *sigh* It was like there's already a layer of dust on my blog. Everyday, assisgnment, report, quiz, examination...Mid-term examinations of accounting practice, computing essentials, physics n algebra & trigonometry are around the corner. All of these mid-term tests occupied 30% of our final marks. God bless me to do well, very well n super duper well. *blessings* :) I'll make strenuous effort to cope up those exams.

*Phew* I was managed to complete my physics experiment report today with kai wen. We finished our class at 2pm n we went to Ying Rong n Lian Seong's place to get through our computing essentials assignment. Really loathe to do tis task. Luckily, my team members are harworking enough to accomplish major part of it *Yippi* There is only a small fraction left to be done. :)

Today, i saw a scene tat could able to cheer up my low spirit. I was totally out of blue after a second seen tis scene. Actually i was not planning to photograph, nevertheless, i had still got the pic as Quin had photographed one. Since the title role, Ying Rong does not take offense at me for taking a photo of him, so i post it up. Hoho. *winks* Thx for making us delighted n joyful :)

*Drum Rolls* Welcome,
The 'sleeping beauty'
We went to Ying Rong n Lian Seong's house once we had finished our class for computing essentials assignment, n we bought some snacks to there :p

Lian Seong n Isaac
Or playing games............??
cutie kai wen

Do u still remember him??
The 'sleeping beauty' :)
About a week ago, i found out something funny as well. There is a staircase at my college's library, n there are spaces that enable ppl to go through below the stairsteps. Normally, we hav to bend down so tat we could go across the spaces below the staircase without knocking our head. Yet, kai wen's case is, she does not need to bend even slightly to get through. So, can u figure out her height??

Here is a random post of my few previous weeks. Two weeks before, i spent my weekends with my family at Sunway. My parents, sis n i was having shopping spree at Sunway Pyramid :) whereas my bro had fun with his buddies at Sunway Lagoon's waterpark. We stayed for one night at Sunway Resort Hotel. It has been a long long time to catch a midnight movie. So, i did really enjoy the movie, '17 again' at tat weekend midnight. There is a marvellous feeling in me of watching a late night movie. By the way, '17 again' is undoubtedly a fine piece of work.

Me :)
my lovely mother <3
Dearest daddy n me
sis, vanessa n mum
hey, wat'r u doing up there??
Spent anothere weekend with my college mates, Kai Wen, Quin, Alfred n my sis. Had lunch at Dragon-i n watched 'Terminator Salvation'.

collegemate, Alfred
*chu zai pao* Cute <3

Had dinner with my family at Desa Park City, i cant remember which Sunday night. :p
Bumped into Dai Dai who's having dinner with her fren.

my bro n my sis
my grandmums <3



  1. wow....
    so fast...
    my exam will held in september...
    u must gambateh ya^^
    dun give urself too much pressure...
    ur weekends so wonderful & colourful...
    u must enjoy it indeed...
    go watch Drag Me To Hall this movie...
    so nice...kinda crazy..haha
    nice blog again...
    well done^^

  2. thanks :)
    ya, my frens recommend me to watch this movie. i'll watch once i'm free, ok?
    i wont giv myself too much pressure, n i'll gambateh :) u as well...