Sunday 28 June 2009

The best way to smooth away STRESS

'TRANSFOMERS : revenge of the fallen'
This is undoubtedly an awesome movie. To smooth away strain n lose tiredness, everyone has his/her own recourses. As for me, catch a movie wit frens is the most effrective way. Indulging in this marvellous movie engender the rising of excitation n excitement of mine. *yuhoo*

Finally, my mid-term are going to end :) *Ahahaha*. In order getting ourselves to be in free n easy mood, my coursemates planned to hold an BBQ-steamboat party in miniature last friday @ Quin's house. Persons tat attended to the party were not all our collegemates, some r our high sch sch mates. Anyhow, they managed to know each others very well :) *wees*
Everything went on as wat we had planned without a hitch, we caught a movie ahead at noon, 'TRANSFOMERS: revenge of the fallen' @ Cineleisure. We headed for lunch once we had finished watching. It was then tat, i accidentally knew tat one of my coursemate, Isaac, was his first time to catch a movie. Gosh, FIRST TIME!!! *shock* I gave him an astonished look on the instant. No wonder la, i saw him camwhoring here n there when we reached Cineleisure *haha* He has never catched a movie before at his hometown. He had dedicated his very "first" time to us :) *hoho*

coursemates: Isaac, KK, Lian Seong
popcorn popcorn *YUMMY*
Alfred, Kai Wen, Quin
Alfred n Isaac *the acting kings*
me n kai wen @ Quin's house
busy setting up the parts of BBQ stove

*yeah* It's time to eat.
Get Set...GO!!!

Matter tat bothersome us was the cleaning up. Everyone was lazy cleaning out the place n put things in order after we were full wit hunger satisfied. Yet, with our esprit de corps n cooperation, we get things done quickly :) After tat, we went mamak to hav ABC wit ice cream. *yum yum*

note: Sometimes, we just need to hav approriate relaxation activities n events, rite? :) *winks*

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  1. haha...
    transformer was a damn nice movie...
    din ask me go la...haha...
    jk only la...
    having a relaxation activities and events are good for all of us...haha...
    gambateh and good luck in ur exam ya....
    dun give urself too much pressure...