Saturday 18 August 2012

The dearest's birthday .

I have the strong urge to get this post completed before it gets to be overdue-d. It was mom's birthday on Thursday & we brought her out for dinner in Solaris Mont Kiara. Tried out the balinese cuisine this time in Ole-Ole Bali & i've to say their food is pretty good & really huge in portion. We've been to Bali during the chinese new year, & our first impression towards the local food wasn't that good. Yet i think we've got our thoughts changed after this meal. (:

One of their famous dishes in the menu is nasi campur. Its a combination of grilled lemongrass prawns, squids, fishes, sate lilit & choices of beef or chicken rendang, comes with a few variety of sauces. What i think its special in this dish is the sate lilit, which basically is a barbecued seafood paste wrapped around a lemongrass, it goes really well with the chilies sauce . 

Oh, not forgetting to mention that their Barley Lime is worth a try. Tastes good & fresh. They come in jar or glass. 

nasi campur . 

cut cake ceremony in the house (;
raising a toast to my dearest mom for being such a perfect mom all these while no matter what happened, i know u've been thru alot of hard times & it inspired me that u're tough enough to go thru the obstacles. u're definitely a role model for me to learn. hope that u had a great birthday this year & we'll love you, as always & forever will be . 

instax family portrait (Y)



  1. Can see that you admire your mom so much.
    Happy Birthday to your Mom! :)

    1. Yeah i do. & I guess every child does (:
      Thanks for ur wish to my mom (:

  2. I like those Blurred spot light photos, quite different style of ur shooting as before but oso very nice.


    1. Thankyouu(:
      I like those bokeh shots too. There were alot of different coloured street lights that made me felt like taking those shots. (: