Tuesday 20 March 2012

.Diary - 200312.

We used to be in the same team, used to train together, used to fight for victory, used to be so close. But all these good memories are vanished in just one night. 

Ur words really meant alot to us, because we care. But do you? 
We dont expect anything in return tho, because we respect you, we even try to comfort you before the match so that u'd feel a lil better from the downcast mood you have recently.

Being depressive and sad is not because of the accusations and blames, yet not being trusted that we earned our achievements with hard efforts and own ability. Being blamed once for winning the match because of dishonesty is hardly acceptable, and the second time is too much for us. 

All those hurtful words and claims from you are the reasons that really break our heart and trust. Tears streaming down every time ur words repeating in our mind. 


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  1. Hey girl words are cruel, but remember, dont keep it in your heart, it hurts more.