Friday 2 March 2012


Hello fabulous friday. 

Its been a relaxing day at home, doing some own stuff. Was supposed to get all my mass transfer lab reports done, yet has been slacking for the whole day D': Still managed to arrange my notes tho, and did a little bit revision for my mid terms next week. 

Wanted to blog bout this experience to Whisk quite some time ago, yet uni works keep me delayed. Would like to share it out now since am not in the mood of doing my uni works and revision (= 

Been to this coffee shop in OneUtama named Whisk with my sister, Vincent and Summer last few week. It was our book vouchers spending day actually, was excited to spend them all at the bookstore lol. So, we stopped by this coffee shop to lay back and relax. Its a pleasant experience with awesome coffees, scrumptious dessert and great people! Definitely will go back for their coffees and cozy ambiance. 

Photos taken that day.

reading the new bought book while waiting Vincent to buy his stuff in the bookstore.


variety of cakes and refreshments 

my mochaccino con la nutella 
added to my favorite list hahahah.

the mocha just goes awesomely well with the nutella

Vann's caffe latte

freshly-made cheese and tomato croissant 

tried out the chocolate cake, its was soo good, sweet-tooth carving satisfied (=

piccolo caffe latte 

red velvet cake 


Tempted to try? Pay a visit (=