Sunday 19 February 2012


Hello silent sunday. 

Its the end of the week again, the solely day we can finally relax ourselves, keeping us away from the usual big loads of work. Went Levain this morning with family to have breakfast, then headed home and I just got up from nap. What an idle day, so i decided to update a short post and back to school works. 

Last few weeks, I visited to Wondermilk cafe by chance with my sister and chin woo. We were driving around Damansara Uptown and deciding what to have for brunch, then i caught a sight of the word Wondermilk and it somehow sounds familiar to me. It was then that i recalled and brought to my mind that i've actually known this cafe for quite some time. Probably through some blogger's recommendation i guess. 

Lovee their sandwiches and coffees (; Definitely worth a try. Too bad that we didnt get the chance to have a try on their cupcakes, because we're too full for that. They're very well known for their huge variety of cupcakes. 

Vanessa & Chin Woo

coffee <3


Caffe Latte Cappuccino

Creme Brulatte

Ultimate Super Burger

California Chicken Sandwich

Mornin' Marilyn All-Day Breakfast set 

Being silly. Hahahahah. 


they sell alot of goodies there! 

free 2012 calender from Wondermilk (;