Wednesday 21 September 2011

The permanent thing in life

Waking up pretty early this morning to have breakfast with daddy. 
I miss him alot, miss spending time with him, 
miss talking to him before going to bed, 
miss telling him every details of things happening around uni, 
miss offering him a massage when he's tired. 
I'm feeling upset to the fact that I've been spending so little time with my dad lately. He's out for work early in the morning everyday when we're still sleeping, and we always go home home late these days. 

Telling myself that i should make some changes, that unless there's dodgeball training, i'll be home as early as i can. 

Spending time with my family used to be my spirit and energy source, and it will never change, ever. Love you all. 

'The permanent thing in life is FAMILY.'



  1. agree wif is permanent thing in life and also home is always the best shelter.