Friday 3 June 2011

Black & White . 

Heyy people (;
Today is public holiday! Any plan?

I was stucked at home since the morning but guess what, am going out with family later in the evening to the Light Wonderland @ I-City (; Have been hearing lots of good hearsay of this place and wanted to go to have a look for so long! Finally i have the chance (; Will definitely bring my Jyl out tonight to capture some awesome pictures with all those LED lights and lovely family *Whee* 
Oh, in case you dont know, I named my dslr Jyl (; 

Free from the two tests few days before, I still have another test coming next monday :X Numerical & computing methods. Will 'try' to do some revision later, but probably not bcoz i'm feeling so lazy today heheh. 

Okay, better get my lab report done before going out to the Light Wonderland, a sea of beautiful lights are awaiting ahead! (; 


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