Wednesday 2 February 2011

happy lunar new year :)

happy lunar new year, world :) i cant wait to start collecting red packets tomorrow hahahaaa.

i'm guessing ya'll had finished ur reunion dinner since its kinda late right now lols. entire table of nicee food just made me couldnt stop eating, but i was telling myself,  'its okay, its reunion dinner, must eat alot one.' hehee.

uncle swee kim and family came over to have reunion dinner with us as well. this probably had liven up the dinner since the more ppl, the merrier. jolly moment we had :)

will be having another reunion dinner again tomorrow at my eldest uncle's house, its kind of tradition in my family actually. we just have to do that every year, in fact a good chance for us catching up with each other. normally we only meet up during festive seasons. and tomorrow is definitely a proper and perfect time to collect red packets since all of my relatives will be gathered there, hehee. aunties uncles, prepare lots lots of ang pows yaa, 10 dollars is preferable as the content !

not going for any vacation this chinese new year, so i have a strong feeling that i'd be able to collect more red packets this year. no vacation during cny = more ang pows, my inarguable concept.

one more hour till the first day of chinese new year, wishing ya'll a prosperous and cheerful rabbit year in advance ! :)


my current ipod touch lockscreen wallpaper, found em' cutee indeed :) 


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