Friday 5 November 2010


Aloha! ":)

Adore today's wheather, a lovely sunny day :) 

Went outt with the family for brunch just now and were planning to go Ikea after that, but hell, there was sea of ppl! Couldnt even get a parking and so we left to homee :/ Probably bcoz today's Deepavali, a public holiday that everyone would definitely seize this opportunity to go outt and relax ":) To all our Indian brothers and sisters, Happy Deepavali!

Went PJ Volkswagen service centre on Wednesday for car servicee, waited for around 45minutes and me & my sis were quite shocked as the bill costs upwards to RM500. Seriously it's not expected to be such expensive, we thought it could mostly cost around RM200 only. Luckily mom had prepared money for us or else we'd possibly havee to ask dad or mom comee over and pay. 

After that we went The Garden for lunch @ Nyonya Colour. Lovee their chee cheong fun either in sweet sauce or curry ":)

My chee cheong fun with sweet sauce

Vann's yellow laksa

Spent timee at Starbucks after lunch and headed off to coll around 4pm. Bought a Sundae ice-cream without topping at McD Drve-Thru, and guess what? We added m&m into the ice-cream and it tasted soo nicee! I always likee McFlurry m&m but they're no longer available in McD :"(








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