Tuesday 19 October 2010

We were theree!

Syikin and her family held a raya open housee during raya, me and the bunch were invited to the event :) Went theree right after having brunch with my family. 

Its a good chancee for all of us to meet up the bunch during weekend, so that we wouldnt havee missing each others that badly :D 

June & Melia
Madee a circle and talked :)
Vanessa, Melia, Hayder & Charity 
Melia asked:" Adik, umur berapa?"
The lil boy:" Empat". But showing his fivee fingers Hahaa. 
Syikin, me, Vanessa & Justin
Shahab's theree alsoo :)
Tyler & Syikin 

Group pic insidee the housee
Tyler & Syikin's cousin, cutee chubby boy
Everyonee's likee "I wanna takee pic with him!" Hahaa. Especially Melia. 
Syikin, Zaza & Sasha 

Liyana, Vanessa, Zaza, Syikin, me, Sasha and youu knoww who :) 
Father & Daughter Hahaa.
June & Jonathan 

Melia, Alvin, Vanessa

Finally she got the chancee Hahaa. 
me, Shahab & June 
Hehee I got the chancee too! :)

Syikin, Gloria aka blur queen & Shahab 

me & Beni
He has left to India, miss him badly :"/


Went Aaron's housee warming few weeks ago. Currently he's shifted to Sungai Long, a new residential district. Thanks Tyler for the ride :) 

Bee & June
Chit chat at the back yard

Aaron and his cousin 
June, me and Bee 
Vanessa joined in :)
And there's Victor, onee of my coll fren :) 

Justin & Aaron's brother 

Sorry, she was drunk. Hahaa. 

Vanessa, Bee & June 
Bee, me & June 

With Xin Ling :) 

Donee my chemistry final exam yest and onee moree to go! 


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