Saturday 16 October 2010

Red Red Red Legion *RAWR*

Am soo sorry that i did not updatee my blog often recently as I has been really busy. Plus CDL (Campus Dodgeball League) was going on in the past few weeks madee my weeks even packer :/
Anyway, CDL has officially ended today and it was really a success work from MAD and all the teams that participate. Although Red Legion couldnt makee it to the semi-final and final, it's never an easy job to be onee of the team to get in to the quarter. It's the first major competition of Red Legion and we're really glad that we could progress into quarter. Undeniably, we're upset as we didnt manage to pass through all the obstacles and get into final, yet at least we learnt something, we gained experiences and knew which stage we're in now. Experiences is highly needed for a new formed team! However, we did not return with nothing, we got Best Game Awards remember? And two of our Legion, Vanessa and Aaron were given All Star Awards :) So Dear Red Legion, keep the hard work up! :) 

Not to forget to congratulate our brother's team, Devil Dukes for their victory of getting CHAMPION! Am seriously proud of youu all. Congratz to the 1st and 2nd runner up as well, Barbarians and Inti Maestro, good job youu guys've donee :) 

p/s: To know moree bout Red Legion, visit for moree info and pictures :)


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