Sunday 11 July 2010

D-Fortune with Monkey Fong & sis :D

It's Saturday night again! Dad n mum had wedding dinner to attend so me n my sis date monkey fong out for dinner. 

'Where're we going to havee our breakfast / lunch / dinner?' is alwaysss a vexing question. There're soo many restaurants out theree, but we just failed to makee up our mind. N we ended up going around kepong n manjalara area for like 30minutes just to decide what to eat. FINALLY, we decided to dine at D-fortune@Manjalara. We actually reached there way before we decided to dine there, but we 'thought' we could find somee other nicer restaurant :P 

pics taken outside my house whilee waiting for my sis

D-Fortune, Manjalara

Hahaa this's weird, look like monkey :D

vanessa <3

monkey fong, my best fren ever :)

carrot milk
my all timee fav, spaghetti carbonara
I think i should STOP ordering spaghetti carbonara again next timee
chicken cordon bleu
fish & chips

Somee random thingy: 
choc that i bought from japanese shop, i'm soo in love with it now :)

spongebob square pant cookies :D
 If they comee out with a Patrick onee, i'll buy as many boxes as i can :D



  1. lolx~wat weird n lo0k like monkey???ishH=='
    when my name become monkey fong>???haha..^^

  2. Yeaa laa, look like monkey laa :D But not look likee u laa although u're monkey hahaa :P