Friday 11 June 2010

Awesomee All Gal's Day -- Picnic

Was leaving my blog asidee for quite some timee, as i was really really busy this week, it's all bout assignments, lab reports, tests, n trainings..It's really a tough week for me!! 

I think i should organize my timee properly, likee indeed.

Ookayy, back to the topic, the gals's picnic day ":) 
It was a saturday and all my dear gals decided to go for a picnic, we had actually up to this picnic thingy for likee two weeks? N i'm really glad thatt we madee it n it turned out very well :D Despite the fact that our plan to havee picnic at the park failed bcoz of raining, we did enjoy having it at syikin's housee too! We gotta do it again!! :D

camwhored in the car whilee waiting the others to reach
food that we prepared
penne with mushroom cream saucee
thankss trisyella for the cakee :)
tuna for sandwiches
crab meat balls
we all lovee thiss :)
trisyella n june 
we took lots of pics at syikin's housee yard after we're full with hunger satisfied
I likee her housee yard a lot!!

vanessa shouted out " There're a lot of small mushroom heree!"
n when we checked out the "small mushrooms" that she mentioned, they were actually these small lil plants which havee mushroom shapee. We were likee =="

gloria, syikin, june, vanessa n trisyella
asyikin n vanessa 

vanessa, syikin n me 

amelia n the cutie syikin 
june n me 

melia, charity n june 

melia, me, charity, gloria
syikin, vann, june, trisyella, n gloria
me n trisyella
gloria n me

*chill insidee syikin's housee*

silly charity *hahaa* 
gloria n syikin prepared somee orangee for us *sweeeet!* 

our so called cut cakee ceremony <3

camwhored in front of the mirror

syikin's finger n minee :)

Group Pics 
gloria* trisyella* amelia* asyikin,
june* me* charity* vanessa

I lovee u all gals <3



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  2. i feel hungry when i'm looking to the food! >.<