Thursday 17 June 2010

Mass Vesak for Collective Blessing

Am currently studying for the coming calculus test, yet havee the sudden feeling to blog bout a grand event that organized by Tzu Chi *慈济* >> "Mass Vesak for Collective Blessings" *萬人浴佛聚福緣~系列慶典活動* :)

The 42nd Anniversary of Tzu Chi Foundation was globally celebrated in a ceremony called "Bathing the Buddha 浴佛典礼" to mark the three occasions which are, The Mother's Day, Wesak Day and 42nd Anniversary of Tzu Chi Foundation. This event was held at Stadium Petaling Jaya.  

In case u dont know wat is Tzu Chi, it's a charity organization which their mission focus on giving material aid to the needy and inspiring lovee and humanity to both givers and receivers. In addition to charity, this foundation dedicates itself in the fields of medicine, education, environmental protection n many moree. 

Chin Woo's mum is a volunteer worker of Tzu Chi, her wholee family went for this event n they tagged me n my sis along :)

all the volunteer workers of Tzu Chi sang the Tzu Chi's songs n they get the priority to bathe the Buddha first

thenn it's our turn to bathe the Buddha 

vanessa n chin woo

rooney n me
there're really a lot of ppl attended to this event

vann, me, carrie, dai dai n carrie's mum

the Buddha lazurite statue

vanessa, chin woo, carrie n dai dai

dai dai, chin woo, me n carrie

me n hong liang, he's a one of the volunteer's workers too!!

hong liang n vanessa

after that we went supper wit chin woo's family @ Kepong, Kopi Street

vanessa n chin woo <3

Havee a good night!! 



  1. wow...
    so nice lo...
    is it the waisak ceremony..i just know it..i wish i was there if i know it..
    unlucky for me la...

  2. It's the 42nd anniversary of Tzu Chi event, it's grand n a lot of ppl attend :) Nvm, there'll be another chancee :)