Tuesday 20 April 2010

Mun Yee aka Teh Egg's Big Dayy

April baby, mun yee's birthdayy celebration @ TGI Friday's, The Curve.

We used to call her teh egg, there's a long storyy behind :)
It was a great nightt meeting up withh my high sch mates, having nicee food n of coursee sharing laughter!*

camwhored insidee the car :D
vanessa, chin woo n me

The Curve
chin woo n mun yee. she was sick :/ Yet still camee outt for dinner withh us <3

chin woo * me

TGI Friday's @ The Curve

mun yee n junini

hari-hari psp =.=

Firstt timee i been theree n I particularly likee the decoration, a lottt!*

they justt simply caughtt my attention easily <3

beloved sis, vanessa <3

vann n chin woo

me n mun yee

my pretty "daughter" :)
wei cheng n vann

kah yen * kiat yee
yi voon * wei cheng 

The momentous partt :)

Happy Birthdayy to uu!* 

mun yee n yi voon

mun yee * chin woo * yi voon

group pics :)

vanessa & valerie

me n mun yee

she asked me to bend downn a bitt *hahaa* 

*Egg Family*
Picturesssss :

taken by Junini

lovee uu!*
I end thiss with the pic of ur facee, see how important uu aree :D


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