Sunday 24 January 2010

Yessss!! It was my Daddy's birthday on 21st :D
Mini birthday celebration was held at our own home, small but yet, a sweet n warm one :) Since my parent still hav to get on their works n we, children hav class on the next day, we made thing small n easy. However, we definitely will make up a proper birthday celebration for our dearest daddy one more time ":)

I devoted my first time of baking a cake for my daddy, n i'm feeling mighty glad tat it was devoted to my daddy lol :D
I would like to take tis chance to thankss my frens tat had helped me out when i need some giudes of baking cake. Thankss, amelia n chin woo :) Amelia told me those ingredients needed for the baking n whereas, chin woo taught me the way of doing it. Chin woo even allowed me to do the baking at her house, as i dun wan to let my dad knew even a little bit bout it :P Thanksss uu veryy much!! :D

So, i went her house in the morning n we had our breakfast together. She was still sleeping when i reached her house. I barge into her room n kept shaking her so tat she could get out from her sweet dreamland n go for breakfast wit me hehee *evil smile*

pics taken inside her room

we took our breakfast at the mee stall tat located near her house
there're a lot of food stalls near her house, needless to worry bout tat where to eat n wat to eat everytime i go her house :D

*fried pan mee*
famous dish, lots of ppl order tis

Done!! :D

chin woo

We rest for aa while afterwards n her mum brought us to buy the ingredients. We're waiting my sis, vann to come from uni thenn only we started to bake the cake. The process wasnt hard at all n we had fun time on doing tat ":)

chin woo's mum
nice n friendly aunty ":)

had some rest at chin woo's room
vann's sleeping comfortly on her bed :)

me went disturb *hahaa*

The cake wasnt really looked well n nice, but yet, dun judge the book by its cover :) It has good taste n definitely nice to eat although it doesnt hav good looking :) N we're glad n happy indeed, as our daddy, LOVES it!! *hahaa*


perhaps, next time i'll bake a nicer-looking one XD 

preparing to giv my dad a suprise *hehee*

my eldest sis, kean <3

twin sis, vanessa <3

*suprise suprise* :D

my dear daddy!! <3
hope we leave uu a memorable birhday tis year :)

*loads of love*
daddy n mommy

Family Pic
*persons who occupied the major part of my heart's space <3*
I love uu all :)



  1. haha..the cake is look nice~^^

  2. haha... nice...
    i baked cheese cake and tiramisu cake leh...
    next time teach me how to bake chocolate cake ya^^

  3. *Inspiration - The cake is not really nice looking laaa, but it tastes well (: Thankss for teaching me yaa (:

    *KHY - suree!! :D N uu havee to teach me to bake cheese cake n tiramisu cake also yaa (:

  4. haha....
    sure sure... try find someday..
    we bake cake..XD